35.4″X27.6″ Pet Bed Dog Bed Washable Dog Crate Bed Cushion Dog Crate Pad Cats Sofa


100% brand new and high quality.A very soft and cozy bed that your pets will love it.Allowing pets to experience truly restful sleep, also help prevent accidental messes from reaching your floors.Create a healthy and clean environment for you and your pet.The raised sides creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, helps reduce drifting, stimulating nesting instinct while giving them the best support they all love.The size is idea for both large and small pets.


  • Sleeping on hard surface is not preferred for the pet dogs as they are directly exposed to the heat or cold of the floor and are likely to develop orthopedic problems.
  • A dog bed is a place where adult dogs can be the master of their domain, where they can snuggle, sleep or play in.
  • Designed with extremely comfortable in shape and size, you can easily find dog bed can be used in multiple ways, as a crate bed, kennel bed, cage bed, crate pads, even as a dog travel bed in a car or truck.
  • Non-slip bottom dog bed means the bed will not slide while your rambunctious friend play with a favorite toy or have a crazy doggy dream, steady and safe.
  • Ideal dog bed means, stretch out, rolling, or any cute behaviors are available! The ideal medium dog crate bed will make your furry friend get a solid night’s sleep.
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Product Details

  • Bed Type: Mat/Pad
  • Bed Material: Cotton
  • Shape: Oval
  • Chew Resistant: Yes